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Do you need a Court Qualified Document Examiner/Handwriting Expert?

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Most attorneys may never hire a document expert and most people will never need a handwriting expert.

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The fact that you have found me probably means you or your client has a frustrating matter. Something that could be life altering. I am here to discuss the specific details relating to your case.  I will answer all your questions throughly,  providing information that will hopefully help you make the best decision possible about your specific questioned document case.

Answering Questions About Disputed Documents

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I have experience with many types of cases including business disputes; insurance fraud; probate cases involving wills, deeds, and trusts; automobile loans and the numerous documents signed during the purchase of pre-owned cars; landlord/tenant cases; medical and dental record cases; anonymous notes and suicide notes. 

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answering questions about disputed documents

Most people do not even know document examiners exist until they find themselves in a dispute. Having a disputed  document is frustrating, exasperating, and downright irritating. 

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